Tivnu Blog

Dec 9 2022

A Wednesday at Tivnu

I’m Sophie. And this is a Wednesday at Tivnu.

Nov 28 2022

Day in the Life

Come along with me on a fun Friday, and get a peek into what my everyday life is like!

Nov 11 2022

Baking My Way Into the Community

I believe that food is one of the few things that can unite people, and my challah and desserts are how I have baked my way into Tivnu!

Oct 27 2022

My Way – 2022 Remastered

Shabbat Shuvah has allowed space for me to think about what this year means to me.

Sep 8 2022

T9 Starting Strong

Being the first person to arrive at the Tivnu bayit (house) on move-in day, I had no idea what to expect.

Aug 4 2022

There is a Desert in Oregon (or Driving 150 Miles in Someone Else’s Croc)

A few weeks ago, Tivnu 8 took a trip to OMSI’s Hancock Field Station, deep in the Oregon desert. I didn’t know Oregon had a desert until I heard about the trip, and even then I was skeptical.

Aug 3 2022

The D&D Experience

My dad was introduced to D&D by his uncle in high school, and ever since I was born, I can remember either watching or playing the game with my dad.

Aug 2 2022

Nightly Basketball

It was a rainy afternoon. I had come home from my internship at Bikes for Humanity (B4H) and had barely taken off my shoes when Ansel asked me if I wanted to go play some basketball. Minutes later we headed out to play.

Aug 1 2022

The Igloo

I grew up in Massachusetts, so I have a lot of experience with winter. But for some Tivnu 8 participants, our trip to Mt. Hood was their first time experiencing snow. And for that, there could be no better time.

May 9 2022

Hot tubs are for the brave of heart

On Saturday evening we played kickball in Irving Park. We staggered back to the bayit (house) in groups, laughing, adjusting our rainbow of glow-stick jewelry, and recounting the events of the night...