Mentorship Matters

Reflection, communication, accomplishment

Need a Refresher?

Cooking group meals, budgeting your time and energy, or resolving frictions with your friends amicably? Tivnu’s supportive staff and internship supervisors are committed to helping you build the skills you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Emma Headshot

Before I came here, I had little time to figure out where I was going and what I wanted. This year has been crucial for figuring out who I want to be, and how I want to contribute

— Emma N.

Williams College ‘25

Kivvun — direction-finding

The centerpiece of our strategic mentoring program is kivvun, Hebrew for “direction.” Each Tivnu participant meets regularly with a residential advisor to explore opportunities for personal, interpersonal, professional, intellectual, and Jewish growth. 


For some, finding their place in the social justice world will take precedence in their action plan; for others, the top priority might be Jewish learning, or peer leadership, or broadening their lunch menu repertoire. Conversations can range widely or they can drill down on specific goals. In every case, our staff is there throughout the year to keep the conversations personal, relevant, and directed toward practical steps on the path you choose.

Internships and Skills-Building

There are a lot of important jobs that help communities thrive. But that’s not enough for our internship program. We look for jobs that build empathy, encourage creativity, and inspire a feeling of meaning and accomplishment. That translates into regular consultations with experienced, caring supervisors like Lou at Kindness Farms, Kaia at Street Roots, or Erik Brakstad, our very own Construction Coach. We make sure Tivnuniks see the tangible, lasting effects of a job well done.

Simon at Sisters

A safe space and a brave space

The Tivnu house is a safe space for all our participants: welcoming difference and embracing exploration. It is also a brave space, where Tivnuniks build the confidence and resilience needed for leadership in a complicated, unpredictable world. That's why we work as a group on the nuts and bolts of living together: cooking, cleaning, and group budgeting; productive communication, conflict resolution, the meaning of consent. Because we don't just care about the work we do: we care about doing it together.