When we say “the great outdoors,” we mean it.

Pack a bag. We’re gonna take your breath away.

Awesome. As in, "you will be filled with awe."

Six times a year, Tivnu trades the excitement of Portland for the wonders of nature. We take advantage of the region’s most amazing places to bond with one another, reflect on our journey thus far, and have a whole lot of fun.

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I was amazed by the incredible diversity of the Pacific Northwest ecosystems – we explored coasts, forests, snowy mountains, deserts, and rivers! I loved experiencing the vast Oregon outdoors with the people that I love

— Hannah S.

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Trips with a purpose

Hike through waterfalls, take selfies at the overlook, measure your height against the petrified trees. Learn, or teach a friend, how to snowshoe or paddle a canoe. Connect with Oregon’s Native history. Sing around the campfire. Discover things you never knew about your friends, or share some surprises of your own at the talent show. 

Go out to the wild. Come home to a broader world.

Destination: Adventure!

Destination: Mt. Rainier

Distance from the Bayit: 96 miles

Itinerary: Discover what the Cascades are all about. Choose a challenging hike or a walk in the woods for photos you’ll treasure and experiences you’ll never forget. Get to know each other on the trails and around the campfire. Tashlikh ceremony at 4,000’-high Snow Lake? Who else gets to do that?!

Destination: the Oregon Coast

Distance from the Bayit: 75 miles

Itinerary: “I pray that these things never end: the sand and the sea, the rush of the waters…” Explore the tide pools from up close, or from high above at the God’s Thumb overlook. Canoe the Salmon River inlet, or navigate the challenge course by the archery range. And every night, the sun sets over the Pacific. Best show in town.

Destination: Seattle

Distance from the Bayit: 174 miles

Roam free in our second-favorite city! Watch for whales in the Puget Sound. Sample treats at Pike Place Market. Or choose your favorite silicon: the scintillating glass sculptures at the Chihuly Garden, the retro-meets-futuristic Living Computers Musuem+Labs, or the over-the-top Museum of Pop Culture. Oh, and there’s a wall of gum. For some reason.

Destination: Mt. Hood

Distance from the Bayit: 46 miles

Snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing: learn it, lead it, or kick back with a hot chocolate at the lodge. Build an igloo. Make snow cones with real snow. Showing off ridiculous skills at the talent show is optional, but recommended!

Destination: Oregon’s high desert

Distance from the Bayit: 116 miles
Itinerary: Investigate layer after layer of Oregon’s natural history, from ancient crimson sandstone to petrified forests. Throw javelines with an atlatl. Sift for fossils at the John Day Fossil Beds. Stargaze in the largest sky you’ve ever seen. It just… keeps… going…

Destination: Rafting the Deschutes

Distance from the Bayit: 80 miles

Itinerary: Blast through Boxcar rapids, then float peacefully in the sun. Consider a cannonball from Jumping Rock. Bring your favorite recipes of the year to cook on the banks of the river. Reflect on a year well spent, and commitments and friendships that will endure.