Tivnu Blog

Jan 24 2023

Voting in Portland

Being on Tivnu is a fantastic experience with many learning opportunities. In addition to things like tool training at construction and cooking tips for communal meals, I was fortunate enough to vote for the first time during Tivnu.

Jan 17 2023

A Portland Outing

After grabbing our helmets and going over how to inflate bike tires, we struck off, both clad in Baja hoodies color-coded to our hair.

Dec 27 2022

A Weekend at Westwind

It was like a mini night sky in the sand.

Dec 9 2022

A Wednesday at Tivnu

I’m Sophie. And this is a Wednesday at Tivnu.

Nov 28 2022

Day in the Life

Come along with me on a fun Friday, and get a peek into what my everyday life is like!

Nov 11 2022

Baking My Way Into the Community

I believe that food is one of the few things that can unite people, and my challah and desserts are how I have baked my way into Tivnu!

Oct 27 2022

My Way – 2022 Remastered

Shabbat Shuvah has allowed space for me to think about what this year means to me.

Sep 8 2022

T9 Starting Strong

Being the first person to arrive at the Tivnu bayit (house) on move-in day, I had no idea what to expect.

Aug 4 2022

There is a Desert in Oregon (or Driving 150 Miles in Someone Else’s Croc)

A few weeks ago, Tivnu 8 took a trip to OMSI’s Hancock Field Station, deep in the Oregon desert. I didn’t know Oregon had a desert until I heard about the trip, and even then I was skeptical.

Aug 3 2022

The D&D Experience

My dad was introduced to D&D by his uncle in high school, and ever since I was born, I can remember either watching or playing the game with my dad.