Tivnu Blog

Mar 31 2024


Connections is a New York Times word game where players have to connect words into four groups of four. Over the past few weeks my roommate and I have been creating TIVnections, a Tivnu version of the popular NYT game.

Mar 24 2024

We Built This Igloo – Tivnu 10

This winter, Tivnu's 10th cohort traveled to Mt. Hood and built an igloo from the ground up. Watch the time lapse video and hear "We Built This Igloo"

Nov 1 2023

Immersed in Tivnu

Suffice it to say, we were immersed in a starkly different environment than we had been in just an hour before. The concept of immersion is nothing foreign to Judaism.

Apr 11 2023

“Tiny Star” and Tomato Sauce

A camaraderie develops when doing chores together, and there is the motivation to do them since we are all doing our part for the T9 community.

Mar 13 2023

Guest Blog: How I Walk Through the Square

Separated from us by only a brick wall, a black fence, and a bulwark of elite education, the folks who sleep on Mass. Ave. benches are just as much my neighbors as my friends down the hall.

Feb 7 2023

Transportation and Tivnu

Before coming to Tivnu, it was a big goal of mine to prioritize sustainability and environmentally conscious behaviors in my daily life.

Jan 31 2023

Why I made my gap semester a gap year

Tivnu is a gap year program with purpose. Each educational exploration, group trip, and experience is part of a larger goal, providing guidance for each of us and allowing us to unlock knowledge about ourselves that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

Jan 24 2023

Voting in Portland

Being on Tivnu is a fantastic experience with many learning opportunities. In addition to things like tool training at construction and cooking tips for communal meals, I was fortunate enough to vote for the first time during Tivnu.

Jan 17 2023

A Portland Outing

After grabbing our helmets and going over how to inflate bike tires, we struck off, both clad in Baja hoodies color-coded to our hair.

Dec 27 2022

A Weekend at Westwind

It was like a mini night sky in the sand.