Sasha P

Where are you from? 
The Bay Area

Where are you working this year?
I’m working at Zenger Farm most of the week. I also work at Mt. Tabor Park with the Portland Parks and Rec as well as at Hazelnut Grove with the Tivnu construction crew. I also spent a good amount of time working at Sister’s of the Road Cafe. I’ve really enjoyed all of my placements. I’ve been able to learn so many useful skills at each one. The people I’ve met have been so interesting and different. It’s been eye-opening and grounding. My favorite placement has definitely been with Zenger Farm because I love working the land and being outside. I want to have my own farm some day so it’s been amazing experience. At the farm I split my time between working with the farmers in the fields and with the educators in the children’s garden.

Favorite way to refer to Tivnu participants: 

Favorite thing about living in Portland: 
I love the food here. There’s a huge variety of great restaurants. I also love that people here are different and down to earth. I’ve found a huge emphasis for feminism here which is something I value a lot. I love living with like-minded people in a place that’s comforting and supportive. I’ve been able to really grow into myself here.

Favorite Tivnu activity so far: 
I’ve loved all of our trips out of Portland. I really do appreciate this city but it’s so nice to escape to the mountain or the forest and just live in those serene settings for a few days.