Noah J

Where are you from? 
Chicago, Illinois

Where are you working this year?
I start off the week at St. Andre Bessette in downtown Portland. On Tuesday mornings I work at Urban Gleaners and then join the construction crew on site. Wednesday through Friday I’m also at the construction site. Sometimes we work at Habitat for Humanity, sometimes we’re at Hazelnut Grove, and for awhile we worked on flooring at The Rosewood Initiative.

Favorite way to refer to Tivnu participants: 

Favorite thing about living in Portland: 
The food carts. My favorite is Tito’s on Mississippi Ave near The ReBuilding Center.

Favorite Tivnu activity so far: 
I loved going to Mount Hood with everyone. It was really low-key and relaxing. It was amazing to sit in the hot tub as it snowed around us.