April 6, 2016

Tivnu Trip to Seattle

By Ben Lefkowitz

City Seattle Hostel

the view of the hostel.

On Monday March 14, the entire Tivnu group took a trip to Seattle. We started planning weeks in advance, deciding as a group where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. It’s awesome that we get to take trips and see parts of the Pacific Northwest I might not have visited otherwise. From the moment we arrived at the City Hostel Seattle I felt that this would be great trip. The people at the front desk were very patient and happy. The rooms were very cool. After the Hostel opened in 2009, they had local artists decorate each of the rooms, so each room is different. I had never seen anything like that before. You can see one of the rooms here, on their website. In the morning there was a small breakfast for us provided by the hostel.

We then went to Pike Place Market where there was so much being sold that I barely got to see all the shops. The amazing smells and the great samples from all the different booths made it extremely memorable. Some booths, like the olive oil booth, I visited 3 or 4 times. We then went to the waterfront which was amazing and beautiful. We all had fun eating lunch while looking out at the water.

The whole Tivnu Crew on the waterfront.

The whole Tivnu Crew on the waterfront.

Soon after we braved the Seattle traffic to go to the Underground Tour which was amazing. We got to learn about the fire that leveled Seattle and how they rebuilt it. We all learned about all the crime that happened underground and the “seamstresses” that worked there. After that we were given free time to do whatever we wanted. Nadav and I just walked around and looked all all the cool shops. I also got an amazing crepe with chicken, goat cheese, pickled onions and greens.

On Tuesday night, Hadara, Nadav, and I joined Livnot Chai and told them how amazing Tivnu is. Presenting was very fun and interesting, because the talk really came from my heart. I truly love being in Tivnu and I wanted to share the magic with the high schoolers we met.

Tivnu at the Seattle Art Museum.

Tivnu at the Seattle Art Museum.

On Wednesday, we went to The Seattle Art Museum, or SAM, and explored the amazing art there. They had many different kinds of art but my favorite, by far, was the exhibit they had on Kehinde Wiley. He took people off the streets and painted them, putting African Americans in heroic poses. He traveled the world for this project and I was so impressed by his innovative art.

After visiting the museum, we packed up the van and started home with a pit stop at the Seattle Arboretum which is a beautiful park filled with beautiful trees including some cherry blossoms. After some time with the trees, we headed home singing Hamilton at the request, demand of our RA, the whole ride back. All in all, it was a wonderful trip.

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