An Extraordinary Year

Tivnu’s unique approach to hands-on social justice engagement includes creating a community living together, discovering the Pacific Northwest, and deepening the bond between Judaism and justice with Portland’s cutting edge grassroots organizations. It’s how you meet the nine-month challenge of the Tivnu Gap Year: with 36 weeks of amazing accomplishments.

A Week in the Life

You’ll make each week your own, and find the things that motivate and inspire you. Or, as Ben (T2, 2015-16) said, “Tivnu has opened my eyes to new things I would never have thought possible!”

A Snapshot of your Year with Tivnu

On the Tivnu Gap Year, stepping away from the school-exam-college conveyor belt means stepping up for justice, stepping out for adventure, and stepping into a whole world of possibilities.

2020-2021 Important Dates:

Arrive in Portland: Sep 1, 2020
Winter Break: Dec 13, 2020 – Jan 12, 2021
Passover Break: Mar 25 – Apr 5, 2021
Depart for Home: May 20, 2021

2021-2022 Important Dates:

Arrive in Portland: Aug 31, 2021
Winter Break: Dec 14, 2021 – Jan 11, 2022
Passover Break: Apr 14 – Apr 24, 2022
Depart for Home: May 19, 2022

A year in 4 minutes

Check out a full year’s worth of experiences, with one second from each amazing day! Compliments of Tivnu alumna, Aliza (T5, 2018-19).

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Tivnu in the NY Times

Taking a gap year at home can be as meaningful as doing one abroad.
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