Josh Lake

Josh Lake is the founder and lead guide for Outdoor Jewish Adventures. He earned his masters degree in Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Josh leads outdoor experiences, develops curricula and trains professionals for Jewish camps, youth groups, synagogues, day schools and private groups. Josh’s passion is connecting people with spiritual and wild adventures that abound in nature, and then connecting them with their Jewish roots. He enables and advocates for Jews to build gardens, sukkot, tents and Jewish community. Whether hiking in Nepal, camping in the Sierra Nevada, backpacking the Judean Desert or exploring the wilds of Los Angeles, NYC or Portland, Josh is always looking for fellow adventurers. His most recent adventure is raising his two young daughters! Josh joins the advisory board of Tivnu because he believes that hands-on, physical projects combined with soulful and spiritual work helps to build inspiring individuals, and that helps to build an inspiring community.