Josh G

Where are you from? Chicago, IL.

Where are you working this year? At Tivnu construction, I am building tiny homes to help provide shelter for the houseless. At Community Warehouse, I take in donations of used furniture and also use data to create graphs of where we get most of our donations. At Free Geek, I help individuals (specifically those who may not be able to afford new electronics) gain access to our digital world by selling low-cost refurbished electronic goods.

Favorite way to refer to Tivnu participants? Tivnoodles

Favorite thing about living in Portland? The diversity of the city, as well as the scenery, especially being able to see Mount Hood and Mount St Helens on a clear day .

Tell us about a new skill you learned this year! A new skill that I learned this year is how to confront conflict with direct communication and to not hide from disagreement!