Jamie D

Where are you from? 

Where are you working this year?
I split my work week between Portland YouthBuilders, a school for 17-24 year olds going back for their GED or High School Diploma, and working with Erik and the construction team.

Favorite way to refer to Tivnu participants: 

Favorite thing about living in Portland:
Cheryl’s and Powell’s are by far my favorite aspects of Portland. I go to lunch at Cheryl’s every Monday and it’s always a highlight of the week. I get so overwhelmed by the sheer number of books and all of the opportunities that come along with that. I wish I could have all of the books!

Favorite Tivnu activity so far:
I loved the scavenger hunt to Adinah’s house. We had to search through the Torah to find certain passages that contained the next clue. It was a unique way of finding our bearings in NE Portland.

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