Ayla L

Where are you from? 
Beaverton, Oregon

Where are you working this year?
This year I’ve worked at Sisters of the Road Cafe, Zenger Farm, and at Hazelnut Grove with the rest of the construction crew. From each I have been able to meet different people and establish honest connections with folks there.

Favorite way to refer to Tivnu participants:

Favorite thing about living in Portland:
Although I’m from the area, I haven’t previously had the chance to explore much. Now that I live in the city, I’ve had ample time to do just that! I’ve really loved discovering different cafes as well as the Portland music scene. You also can’t ignore the amazing natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Favorite Tivnu activity so far:
I loved going on a hike in Forest Park to learn about Tu BiShvat. Exploring a forest that’s just at the edge of Northwest Portland was amazing! Everything is so accessible here which has made it easy to explore.