September 12, 2014

The Camping Experience I Never Had

by Shoshana Sefia

What struck me about going on Tivnu’s camping trip was that I originally thought it would be extremely difficult.  I thought we’d have to sleep on the ground, or fish for your own food.  Because this is a gap year program focused on construction work and building, I had imagined camping in a much harder way.

But oddly enough, camping came much easier than I had expected. Our group of twelve people had our own cute campsite full of tents, cooking materials, and a nice open cabin to hibernate in.  Oh boy, was I looking forward to this trip!

Most memorable to me was hiking up the mountain to see a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.  Being a slower hiker than the rest of the group, my friend and I took a wrong turn and got lost in the woods on the way down from the hike.  But as I was lost, I always tried to have a positive attitude.  It was definitely scary, but I continually thought about the comfort of seeing familiar faces and being home with the group, and felt reassured by my friend who I could share this experience with.

Positivity can make such a big impact on ones self.  It has the ability to shift perspective and change a bad situation into something new and rewarding. Going on this camping trip pushed my strengths and made me a better me. With the group bonding and time for individual reflection and awareness, I pushed myself to do challenging things. Even though I wasn’t as fast as everyone I still made it to the finish line.


On a group hike. Photo creed: Nomi Small


In front of Lost Lake with Mt. Hood in the distance.


Having lunch with a great view of Mt. Hood during our hike. Photo cred: Nomi Small


Lost Lake at sunrise.




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