February 3, 2015

Faces of Tivnu (Vol. 2)

by Reuben Dreiblatt


This picture was taken in the Tivnu Gap Year House backyard. We are currently spending time on Wednesdays to build a shed to store our bikes and other necessary storage.

What is the most challenging or confusing aspect of construction to understand?

Program Participant Billy (pictured): The most confusing thing that I have had to deal with is when there are two or three different names for a length of wood, a tool we are using… Basically everyone calls them something different. Trying to explain that to volunteers can be difficult when you are unsure of how things are identified. Essentially the slang of the worksite and construction in general can be challenging sometimes.

Program Participant Reuben: I think that layout for interior walls are the most confusing. Even though you have a map showing you were everything goes there are so many different markings and directions to take under consideration that I get confused just looking at blueprint. Each wall seems to have three or four arrows pointing at it using confusing abbreviations and or different shadings at seemingly random points in the wall.  I should probably spend more time on the blueprints with Construction Trainer John to turn layout into a strength of mine.




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