November 17, 2014

Faces of Tivnu (vol. 1)

by Reuben Dreiblatt

What is the most rewarding part of construction?

John and Steve

Construction Trainer John (left) and Executive Director Steve Eisenbach-Budner (right)

 Construction Trainer John: “Working hard out in the elements and creating something that lasts a lifetime”

 Executive Director Steve: “Knowing that you and others were able to use your minds and bodies to create something important that didn’t exist before.”


Gap Year participant Reuben Dreiblatt on the Habitat for Humanity worksite

Program Participant Reuben: “Construction is rewarding because you hone skills over time and slowly improve your craft. You are also doing the supposed grunt work of greater engineers and yet ultimately you are the one who puts in each nail for the future generations. At least that’s what it’s like building for Habitat for Humanity with Tivnu. It may just be a case of circumstance.”


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