November 30, 2014

A guide to living in the Tivnu house!

by Billy Bloomberg

Step 1. Do your dishes, as nobody likes dirty dishes.

Letter B. When in doubt throw it out. Don’t be the person to leave leftovers in the fridge for 2 weeks.  It’s super gross.

  • Shower! We work construction in the mud, snow, rain. Don’t have to tell you, but you smell.

Point 18! Take it outside! Not kosher, take it out side. Feeling a little stressed, take it out side. Have to make a private phone call, take it outside.

Instruction 5-E. Try.  All we can ask of you is to try. Try something hard. Try something new and different.

#6 Layers. It’s super cold in Portland. Bring layers. Also, people are like onions:  We have layers.  Get to know someone under all those layers before you judge.

All this and more in the upcoming novel “Oy that was my Hand you Hammered!” In stores Never! NOT on the web at the Tivnu website. Only brought to you by Billy Bloomberg

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