November 1, 2021

8 Haikus for Tivnu 8

This blog post was authored by Yonah Kalikow, a member of the Tivnu 8 cohort from Newton, Massachusetts. In her free time Yonah enjoys cooking, crocheting, doing random art activities and recently has been enjoying exploring the Portland area with new friends. She interns at Tivnu Construction and at Kindness Farm.

Hammering the nails

Cutting the neighbor’s bamboo

Tivnu, wilderness Jews

We pickled the cukes

And even some carrots too

Vinegar, we smile

Cornbread and chili

What a festive Sukkot meal

Beneath a star-filled sky!

Chia pets in pots

Decorate the pets with paint

Watch them sprout oh my

We are now interns

We work and at night we play

Adulting is hard

I cut my hair off

I then put it in a bowl

Hair was composted

A sunny day out

Sitting with friends in the park

Art, books, and laughter

Carrots are crunchy

Just like we are at Tivnu

Baking lots of cake

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