Tivnu: Building Justice

Tivnu at Work

Tivnu is Hebrew for Build! At Tivnu, we build houses, build community, and build a better world. Tivnu: Building Justice is the only service learning organization that braids together direct service for the fulfillment of basic human needs, Jewish learning and living, and leadership development.

Tivnu participants
  • learn construction, advocacy, and community organizing skills
  • build affordable housing and/or engage in other direct-service work with non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, Street Roots, and PCUN, the Oregon Farmworkers' Union
  • study Jewish texts and Jewish history to find out what they have to say about today’s most urgent social problems
  • examine the issues of affordable housing, food security, and other essential needs
  • explore their Jewish identity within a welcoming, pluralistic community
What our current gap year members have to say
"Coming in, I could count the times I had used a hammer on one hand. I can write a whole essay just on my improved hammer skills. Working with Habitat for Humanity has been a blast."
"Of all the financial benefit we have learned these houses give, we are building something even more important: the value of a good, safe, clean home."
"This city is different from any other I’ve ever been to and exploring it together with my 8 newest friends is the best part of the adventure."