Why a Gap Year


The feeling you get from doing a hard job, and doing it well. Big things like designing an alternative energy network for a homeless encampment, and small things too, like cooking a communal meal or being a dependable resource at work. High school grads have plenty of accomplishments designed to look good on college applications, but if that’s not all you’re about, you should come meet some people in Portland.

Future Success.

Gap year participants develop the kind of connectedness and confidence, independence and purpose that make future studies and work a success, and stay with a person for a lifetime.

Make a Difference.

We live in a world that needs your skills – whether it is building houses with Habitat for Humanity, or planting a community garden with kids at the local school. These aren’t projects dreamed up in a teacher’s lounge – they’re dreamed up by people for whom the American dream is an ambition, not a presumption.

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Taking a gap year at home can be as meaningful as doing one abroad.
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