Nina First

Madrichol (Resident Advisor)

Nina’s childhood in Pennsylvania sparked the insatiable love of canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and camping that has served as the heartbeat of her passion for a life dedicated to adventure and exploration. The potpourri of summits, trails, and switchbacks braiding Nina’s journeys and treks has sculpted her fascination with Spinoza’s tapestry of pantheist philosophies and an ensuing contemplation of the vast scope of varying Jewish theologies. Studying the broad cosmos of Jewish thought morphed into Nina’s concentration at Binghamton University, from which she graduated in 2021 with a degree in Judaic studies, history, and Israel studies.

Pondering her Jewish heritage through philosophical lenses led Nina to study the history of her Ashkenazi ancestry, the Yiddish language, and the wonders of its eclectic Yiddishkeit. Nina’s adoration of the zany language forged her fervent appreciation of Yiddish culture’s historic commitment to justice and has inspired her to work to continue the legacy of her ancestors and their lifetime memberships in the Workmen’s (now Workers) Circle. Nina is thrilled to staff Tivnu and learn more about building world betterment.

When she isn’t reading you can often find Nina working on her parents’ sawmill, developing her fresh roll of film, backpacking, and definitely laughing.

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