Home and Community

The Tivnu bayit: it’s your home base. Your home-field advantage. Your home-is-where-the-heart-is, even. And we make it that way with all the community-building coaching our expert staff can offer. You’ll learn to cook family meals, to communicate effectively, budget appropriately, and resolve frictions amicably. You’ll celebrate and recreate. And you’ll reflect in a group and individually, on your skills and how to use them, and your goals and how to achieve them.

Because the first community you’ll help build on Tivnu? Your own.

Top 7 group activities planned by Tivnuniks

Street music at Last Thursdays on Alberta Street 

Wicked serves at Pips and Bounce ping-pong club

Hike the Wildwood trail through Forest Park

Slice after slice at the neighborhood pizza crawl

Underground glow-in-the-dark pirate-themed mini-golf (seriously) 

Bouldering at the giant rock-climbing gym

Saturday night trip to the haunted corn maze

Top 4 new Jewish experiences while on Tivnu

Rosh haShanah in the woods

Brachah (blessing) walk at Mt. Rainier

Build a sukkah at Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center

Purim parade with the punk rock marching band

Top 3 Shabbat dinners

Home-made ravioli on Co-Worker Shabbat

Mom’s recipe for Persian chicken and jeweled rice  

Miso soup and stir-fry with Portland Hillel guests

Top 3 things to do with host families

Great Shabbat meal you don’t have to cook yourself

“Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog!”

Meet up with the family at the Northwest Film Festival

Top 5 ways to bring it all together

One-on-one mentoring sessions with the RA

Take one second of video, every day 

Group reflection during Wednesday Family Dinner

Work it all out while you work out at the community gym

Late-night debate with your roommate about your internship and that great “Parks and Rec” episode

Top 4 things about Tivnu’s neighborhood in NE Portland

10th Avenue Soup Night for the whole block

Hidden surprises like the Wishing Tree

Little Free Libraries and front-lawn poetry boxes

Bike to the combination coffee shop/bookstore

Top 6 practical skills you didn’t know you needed

Productive communication and conflict resolution

Keeping all your fingers while working the compound miter saw

Cooking a balanced meal for 20 friends (and cleaning up afterwards)

Budgeting your time, and your money

Putting snow chains on the Tivnu van

Writing a short d’var Torah when it’s not even your B. Mitzvah



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