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For an idea of what is offered on the Tivnu Gap Year, here is a list of programming and activities from 2014-2015.  Scroll down for samples of our weekly and monthly schedules.   

8/27: Neighborhood scavenger hunt

8/28: Walking tour of Downtown Portland

9/1 – 9/5: Camping trip to Lost Lake Resort & Campground

9/6: Talk with board member Billy Deresiewicz, author of Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life

9/8:  Reading/discussion of articles about gentrification in our neighborhood, Blueprint from a Slum

9/8:    Visit with Steve Rudman, Executive Director of Home Forward, affordable housing

9/8:  Text study with Rabbi Rose from Shaarie Torah

9/8:  Volunteer Orientation at Portland Homeless Family Solutions day shelter, 13 Salmon

9/10:  Tent City, USA and discussion on homeless encampments

9/14:  Field trip to Cannon Beach & Seaside

9/15:  Dignity Village, Portland’s city-sanction homeless encampment

9/17:  Text study with Cantor Aaron Vitells of Shaarie Torah to welcome the chagim

9/22:  Tour of the ReBuilding Center, material resource center

9/22:  Text study, labor and wage theft

9/22: Board member Noah Barish, workshop on mediation and conflict resolution

9/28:  Habitat for Humanity Groundbreaking Ceremony

10/3:  PSU Hillel pre Yom Kippur service and feast

10/5:  Sukkah planning, design, building

10/8:  Group Sukkot dinner at Meira’s

10/10:  Sukkot dinner @ Havurah Shalom, OJM Shabbat in the Sukkah

10/12:  Apple picking on Sauvie Island

10/13:  Tour of the Oregon Jewish Museum and history of Jewish Portland

10/20:  Community Hearing on Fair Wage Policy / 15Now

10/22:  Winona LaDuke lecture on indigenous approaches to climate change at Portland State University

10/26: Bowling night

10/27:  Tour of Columbia Eco-Village Cohousing Community

10/28:  Community Building and Mussar

11/2:  Season kick-off reception and performance by the Jewish Theatre Collaborative

11/5:  Community Building and Mussar

11/7: Shabbat dinner at Moishe House

11/9: Community Interfaith Build at Habitat for Humanity

11/10: Walking tour of Jewish Portland with Oregon Jewish Museum

11/11: Underground Glow-in-the-Dark Pirate Mini-Golf

11/17: Community Building and Mussar

11/19: Dancing in Jaffa documentary film at the Oregon Jewish Museum

11/21: House Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner

11/23: Community Interfaith Build at Habitat for Humanity

11/24: Group discussion about mid-program feedback process

11/24: Community Building and Mussar

12/1: Community Building and Mussar

12/3: Text Study and screening documentary film A Place at the Table

12/7: Mid-program feedback session with Lauren

12/8: Shmita with Josh Lake

12/10: Community Building and Mussar

12/13: Season of Light Holiday Benefit Concert

12/14: Community Interfaith Build at Habitat for Humanity

12/14: Quaker Voluntary Service Holiday Party

12/15: Judaism and Mental Illness with Aron Klein

12/18: Gap Year House Hanukkah Party

12/19: Mid-program Debrief

 1/12/2015:   Study of Kashrut with Rabbi Eve Posen

1/14:    Group educational session with Jes Larson from Welcome Home Coalition

1/18 – 1/20:   Winter Retreat at Mazama Lodge on Mount Hood

1/21:   March for Homessless Bill of Rights with Jobs with Justice

1/21:   Group discussion with Brazilian Youth Ambassadors on social justice in our communities

1/21:   Lecture by Angela Davis at Portland State University

1/26: Performance by the Jewish Theatre Collaborative

1/28:  Urban Wealth and Poverty – Educational Session Part 1

1/29:    The Life and Legacy of Abraham Heschel with Suzanne Heschel

2/2:     Tour of Bud Clark Commons. Moving Beyond Homelessness: Housing First framework for addressing the problem

2/2:    Makom First: The Centrality of Home and Place in Jewish Thought and Life

2/4:   Hike in the Columbia River Gorge & Ti B’shvat Discussion at Multnomah Falls

2/4:   Urban Wealth and Poverty – Educational Session Part 2

2/6:    Shabbat dinner with Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation

2/9:      Educational Session on Avodah with Rabbi Abby Cohen

2/10:    Site visit to the Jewish Theatre Collaborative

2/10    Urban Wealth and Poverty – Educational Session Part 3

2/16:  Educational Session on Kehillah with Rabbi Abby Cohen

2/17:    Jobs with Justice Breakfast on Wage Labor

2/18:   Meet with Woodburn HS students / Tour of Farmworker Housing Development Corp.

2/19:  Building sets for The Ministry of Special Cases with the Jewish Theatre Collaborative

2/22:    Educational Session on Mazon with Rabbi Abby Cohen

2/25:    Tour of PCUN and volunteering in FHDC garden with Woodburn HS students

2/25:   Timbers soccer game

3/1:      Load-in for Jewish Theatre Collaborative performance

3/4:     Shed builing, pickling, hamentashen baking

3/4:    Purim at Neveh Shalom

3/9:     Educational session with Rabbi Joshua Rose

3/11:    Oregon Housing Opportunity Day in Salem at the State Capitol

3/15:   Good Deeds Day Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity & Moishe House

3/18:    Educational session on Jews in Morocco

3/22:   Hike to Eagle Creek in Columbia River Gorge

3/23:  Educational Session – ‘I Stand Here Ironing” with Reed Professor Gail Sherman

3/25:  Field trip to the Oregon Zoo

3/25:  Educational session on wage labor with Rabbi Joey Wolf

3/25:  Dinner with Gann Academy students

Below are examples of what a typical week is like for the 2014-2015 Tivnu Gap Year.  Schedules are sent to participants in the form of a weekly “Tivnusletter”.

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Examples of Monthly Tivnu Gap Year schedules:

January 2015 Calendar

February 2015 Calendar

March 2015 Calendar