Gap Year Program Suggested Changes Jan 2016

Tivnu isn’t for everyone. But it might be just the right gap year program if you:

  • Love to do hands-on work, learning about the world through direct experience, making a tangible contribution to building a better world, not just one tikkun olam (service) project at a time, but with an ongoing year-long commitment.
  • If you’re adventurous and want to explore the great urban, hipster vibe of Portland, Oregon and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
  • If you’re intellectually curious, and want to learn more about complex social justice issues in their Jewish and global contexts, from professors, rabbis, activists, and people living these realities.
  • If you want to try out some of the many options of what you might do in college or after, so that you enter college with a clearer idea and more experience.
  • If you want to live in a pluralistic Jewish community that you’ve helped create with your peers.
  • If you want to take initiative and become a more independent adult, by cooking, budgeting, and working through challenges with your housemates.
  • And Tivnu might be just right for you if you are excited about integrating your Jewishness and your commitments to making a concrete difference in the world.

ReubenThe Tivnu Gap Year program is nine months of hands-on Jewish social justice engagement in Portland, Oregon. Participants live together, create community, discover the Pacific Northwest, and explore connections between Jewish life and social justice with their heads, hands, and hearts.

At Tivnu: Building Justice, we are driven by a sense of commitment to the Jewish concept of tzedakah. Often mistranslated as charity, the term derives from the Hebrew word for justice and fairness. Our goal is not to “give” our time and energy to those who are “less fortunate,” but to work together with others for a better world for us all. We act from the conviction that housing, food security, environmental justice, education, and the overall health of neighborhoods and communities are human rights.

To learn more about Tivnu’s philosophy, read Our Story.

What Will I Do?

What are your passions? Our experienced staff will work with you to customize a program of internships that reflects your varied interests. Work directly with local social justice organizations to plant a community garden at a neighborhood school with Outgrowing Hunger, edit a grassroots newspaper with Street Roots, build affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity, tutor at-risk youth at Portland Youth Builders, prepare and serve nutritious meals alongside people experiencing homelessness at Sisters of the Road’s café, and more. And come together at the end of the week to share stories around the Tivnu Shabbat dinner table. Your experiences on Tivnu will change the way you see the world, and the way you see yourself. Tivnu: tools to build a better world.

Tivnu-9867Grow: Challenge yourself while completing tangible projects that make a difference in people’s lives, and your own. Build skills and develop commitments that last a lifetime.

Learn: Study the issues of poverty, equity, and communal responsibility from Jewish and global perspectives.

Lead: Plan Tivnu educational and recreational activities. Create a compassionate community at work and at home.

Explore: Live with other young adults in beautiful and vibrant Portland, sharing communal meals and approaches to Judaism, exploring nature, and building lifelong friendships.

Mitzvah Corps trip to Columbia River Gorge

What some of LAST year’s participants are saying:

“It’s hard to add up how much I’ve learned on this program, but I can describe the feeling of satisfaction I’ve had each time I’ve talked to a new Portlander, played with a homeless child, or made something that I could’ve bought in a store. Tivnu is helping me to become an adult, a citizen, a leader—an upstanding member of my community.”

“On Monday we took a field trip to Dignity Village, a small city-sanctioned area of land where homeless people can live. Life in Dignity Village is not easy, but as a community and a family they can do most of what they set their minds to. Dignity Village was a powerful example of what can be accomplished when you work together as a community.”

“On Sunday we went to the Oregon Jewish Museum for Sukkah PDX, an annual juried outdoor design competition with design managers from across the globe. We helped build different contemporary sukkot. It was amazing to meet people from Italy who had come all the way to Portland to build a sukkah.”

“Now, I’m not saying I’m Wolfgang Puck or Emeril, but I can now put together decent meals. I am so glad I have some sense of cooking right now, because it’s one of those things that you really need to have some grasp on to live a fulfilling lifestyle.”

“Most cities seem squished, dingy and impatient, but following the road less traveled, Downtown Portland was spacious, clean, green, courteous and possessed a relaxed patience unlike any other. The excitement continued when we entered Powell’s Bookstore. The aisles were endless. The smell of aged book in the air was intoxicating and I wanted to spend the entire day exploring, but the call of hunger was growing louder and more sonorous by the minute. Powell’s wasn’t the only thing to take up an entire city block. Next came the food trucks.”

What some of their parents are saying:

“We appreciate what an important opportunity this is for our son – we can already see how much he has grown in these opening months, and we know this will  be a transformative year for him.  There is no more fulfilling place on earth for him to be right now than Tivnu.  Our deep thanks for making this possible.

“Our daughter has told us about all the wonderful experience you have provided her and we are very grateful.  She was very homesick in the beginning and calling us daily.  Within a short time, however, we are the ones calling her because she is so busy.  Her quick adjustment I credit to the wonderful Tivnu staff!”

For more information on:

  • Dates, location, eligibility, tuition, financial aid, housing, staff, and college credit
  • Typical week in Gap Year Program
  • Application and enrollment timeline

read more about the program here.